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Join Musselburgh Riding of the Marches and be part of our rich history and tradition.

Held every 21 years, the next Riding of the Marches will take place in July 2016. Preparations are already well under way to make this the best Riding of the Marches festival ever!

As well as the official ceremony, the week-long celebration will include family fun days, processions, exhibitions, pageants, social events, sporting activities and more.

You can play your part in supporting the 2016 festival by joining the company as a member; simply download the membership form here, complete, and return with a cheque for your membership.

Member benefits include:
  • Membership Certificate
  • Lapel badge and wrist band
  • Priority booking at Riding of the Marches events
  • Acknowledgement on our website
In addition, Patrons will be acknowledged in the official Souvenir Brochure and other publications.

Junior (£10)
Open to anyone who was aged 17 years or under on 1st December 2014. Children under 6 are free.
Adult (£30)
Open to anyone aged 18 years or over.
Family (£70)
Includes two adults and up to three Junior members. Additional Junior members can be added for £5.
Any person can become a Patron by making a single payment or series of payments to the value of £800.


Mrs C Grandison
Mr George Kerevan MP


Mr Alan Armour; Mrs Audrey Arthur; Mr David Arthur; Mr Colin Arthur; Mr David Banks; Mrs Shirley Banks; Master Rory Banks; Master Murray Banks; Mr Graeme Barrie; Mrs Ann Bonthron; Mr Aleric Bonthron; Miss Tammy Bonthron; Miss Zoe Bonthron; Mrs Margaret Braby; Mrs Ann Brown; Mrs Alison Brown; Miss Sarah Brown; Miss Ellen Brown; Mr Lawrence Brown; Mrs Elspeth Brown; Miss Suzi Brown; Mr Clive Brown; Miss Emma Brown; Master Maxwell Brown; Mrs Florence Brydon; Ms Janice Burr; Mrs Ruth Caird; Lord Kenneth Cameron; Lady Jean Cameron; Mr John Campton (Deceased); Mr John Cavers; Mrs Margaret Cavers; Miss Alyssa Cavers; Mr Alexander Cavers; Mrs Aileen Cavers; Master Ethan Cavers; Mr Iain Clark; Mrs Debbie Clark; Miss Phoebe Clark; Master Innes Clark; Mrs Elaine Clark; Mrs Nancy Cleeton; Master Matthew Cleeton; Mrs Elizabeth Cleland; Mrs Carol Colville; Mr Mike Colville; Master Daniel Colville; Master Murray Colville; Mr James Colville; Dr Andrew Coulson; Mrs Celia Coulson; Mrs Elizabeth Cunningham; Mr George Cunningham; Mr James J. Curren; Mr Philip Davies; Mrs June Davies; Miss Lyndsey Davies; Mr Raymond Denholm; Mr William Duncan; Mrs Norma Duncan; Mr John J. Durham; Mr Tom T. Edgar; Mrs Jennifer Fairnie; Mrs Catherine Fairnie; Mrs Aileen A. Ferrigan; Mr David Finlayson; Mrs Fiona Finlayson; Mr Andrew Forrest; Mr John Gibson; Mrs Catherine Grandison; Mr James Grant; Miss Caroline Grant; Mrs Irene Grant; Mrs Alison Grant-MacDonald; Mrs Fiona Grant-MacDonald; Mr Eddie Gray; Mrs Jan Gray; Mr Daniel Gray; Mr Alister Hadden; Mr Rob Hardie; Mr Alastair Hare; Mr John Henderson; Mr Ivor Highley; Mr William Hunter; Mrs Karen K. Inglis; Mr George Innes; Mr Scott Ireland; Mrs Edith Ireland; Mr Drew Johnston; Mrs Heather Johnston; Mr Calum Johnston; Mrs Agnes Johnstone; Mr Brian Kennedy; Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy; Mr George Kerevan MP; Mrs Kerry Kerr; Mr Walter Kerr; Master Aiden Kerr; Master Stewart Kerr; Mrs Janet Kinghorn; Mr Thomas Kinghorn; Mrs Irene Kinnaird; Mr Kenneth Knowles; Mr Alastair Knowles; Mrs Lily Knowles; Mr Roger Knox; Mr John Lambert; Mrs Fiona Lambert; Mr Bryon Liddle; Mr Angus Livingstone; Miss Rosa Mackay; Master Leo Mackay; Mrs Nuala N. Martin; Miss Katie Martin; Mrs Catherine McArthur; Mrs Linda L. McDiarmid; Miss Ann McKillop; Mr James McKillop; Mrs Ilene McKillop; Mr Ian McMillan; Mrs Hazel McMillan; Mr Peter Millar; Mr David Monaghan; Mrs Frances Monaghan; Mr Brian Monks; Mrs Helen H. Morgan; Miss Susanne Morrison; Mrs Jean Munro; Mr Jack Powell; Mrs Ann Proudfoot (Deceased); Mrs Jean Rae; Mr Andrew Raeburn; Mrs Jane Raeburn; Mr James Raitt; Mrs Wilma Raitt; Mrs Julie Ramsay; Mr Rod Reeves; Mrs Morag Reeves; Mrs Catherine Renton; Master Aaron Ritchie; Miss Georgie Ritchie; Mr Scott Ritchie; Mrs Lindsay Ritchie; Mr Derek Robertson; Mrs Valerie Robertson; Ms Christina Robertson; Mrs Margaret Ross; Miss Esteva E. Rycabel; Mrs Margaret Scoots; Mr George Sim; Mrs Susan Simpson; Mr Malcolm Simpson; Master Daniel Simpson; Master Lewis Simpson; Mrs Sandra Smith; Mrs Anni Stenman-Brown; Mr Blair Stewart; Mrs Lynda Stewart; Miss Isla Stewart; Miss Morven Stewart; Master Innes Stewart; Mr David Stillie; Mrs Sylvia Stillie; Miss Stefanie Talac; Mr Colin Taylor; Mrs Valarie Timmons; Ms Linda Watson; Mr Gordon Wayth; Mr Allan Williams; Mrs Irene Williams; Mr John Williamson; Miss Frances Wilson; Mr Neil Wilson; Mrs Nicola Wilson; Master Angus Wilson; Miss Imogen Wilson; Mrs Isabelle Wilson; Mr Maurice Wilson; Mr Jim Wood; Mrs Esther Wood